Custom Software Development Services - Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, USA

Custom Software Development

To meet your business needs

Custom Software Development

Meeting your needs

Custom Software Development Service

Full cycle custom software development service from design, development, testing, implementation and post deployment support. iNavtas-BI can deliver to you a full solution based on the vision you have for your company. We will get a full understanding of what processes you want to change or automate. We will then build a solution that matches your needs while ensuring that the solution is a scalable solution that will have sufficient flexibility to allow for future modifications and flexibility. Our development process is based on best standards like CMMi to ensure that the quality of all deliverables is always at a premium level. Our approach to projects is to apply an agile delivery process. Each iteration involves having a set of specific deliverables over a short period of time. In that way you see at every point real progress to your end point and you have the ability to shape the direction as you go along, but still sticking to the project end-goals. So you as a client have transparency and can fully validate the project progress at every step of the process, Our domain expertise is in the Financial services sector (Banking, Corporate Treasury, Leasing, ECommerce) and we specialise in project delivery in these areas.

Your own Software Development Team - hired out to you for projects or product development


Fully managed development team


Managed teams

"Lab-On-Hire" - Your own development "factory"

Our "Lab-On-Hire" Service is where we provide a fully managed team to augment your existing software development team or project team. This team operates as a cohesive extension to your existing development team. The team operates as an embedded centre of excellence within your existing team structure. A variation of this service offering is where can use our offshore software factory. In this configuration, a tech-lead from iNavtas-BI can be part of your team directly but using the remote iNavtas-BI site for the location of the main software development.This can be a very cost effective way to have a specialised team working for you, managed by iNavtas-BI and delivering the kind of quality that meets your full expectations. It can also ramp up and down depending on your resource needs on different projects.In that way it is like having your own development team offshore but without the overhead of opening a new office, recruiting or employee management.

Mobile Application Development - Mobile platforms and frameworks - Mobility Solutions - enabling your mobile business

Mobility Competence Center

Solutions that will deliver your mobility needs

  • →Mobile Business Application Specialisation
  • →Custom Mobility Solutions
  • →Managed Application Support Services
Mobility Solutions

Business on the go!

Mobility Solutions

Our mobile development service is a core speciality. In particular we can take legacy applications and create mobile enabled front-ends so that existing investments can be leveraged through new mobile delivery channels. This can allow you to extend your sales, customer service and marketing efforts to the most popular mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android. We can help you connect your customers to your corporate systems via a new mobile software product tailored to your needs.

Software Product Prototyping - turning client ideas into real future proofed software solutions

Product Prototyping

Solutions right for you

Product Prototyping

Solutions for you

Product Prototyping

Product Prototyping is a service iNavtas-BI can provide. Many situations arise where the client vision is still being formed on potential products or new sytems. Ideas are in a state of flux and yet being able to visualise possibilities would be very useful. Perhaps a prototype demo to a customer would allow a client to access funding/buy-in to go to the next milestone. iNavtas-BI can assist in this vision-forming stage by providing a prototyping service to verify/assist the creation of the client’s vision.

Enterprise-Systems-Integration. Upgrading and interfacing to your existing IT solutions

Enterprise Systems Integration

All-in-one design expertise

  • →Seamless integration with legacy systems
Enterprise Integration

System to System

Enterprise Systems Integration

iNavtas-BI can provide a wide range of expertise in the Enterprise Systems Integration space. Most companies have a huge variety of back office systems that have grown over time. However these systems typically have issues with efficient straight through transactional processing,lack of seemless data transfer and business rules far too dispersed. This all leads to manual workarounds, lack of information management, poor quality data , inability to mine data to extract meaningful information to facilitate management decision making and of course higher IT costs. iNavtas-BI can provide a solution to these typical problems by implementing a scalable, flexible enterprise service bus (ESB) solution.

IT Consulting Services - we provide bleeding edge advice to clients looking for cutting edge software solutions and specialize in Mobility advice

Consulting Services

Innovation and Efficiency

Consulting Services

Innovation and Efficiency

Consulting Services

Investment in IT systems always requires careful thought up front. As a company you need to make sure that the investment in a new IT system will deliver what you want to meet your business challenges. iNavtas-BI is a partner that can provide a range of consulting services to make sure from the start of your business-transformation programme that your choice of IT building-blocks is valid to deliver what you expect. We have the know-how to advise and validate an IT design from the very start so that you take the correct route up-front. Too many companies make an incorrect start and waste valuable company resources of time and money to correct or even mask poor up-front choices. We offer a full range of consulting services to ensure that your IT projects are done the right way from design to development to implementation. Our consulting service operates as a number of different levels

  • We can advise you on your project structure. How to organize your project in such as way so that it is setup from the outset to deliver a successful outcome based on best-practices for project organizations.
  • We can advise on the functional design of the project. Our domain-specific business analysts can validate that your functional designs are valid and will meet your business requirements. This allows you to validate that the requirements captured are indeed translated into valid functional designs.
  • Likewise we can validate the architecture and technical designs of your systems to verify that they are based on a sustainable, future-proof design that can scale to demand, can deal with multiple channel delivery and recognized design patterns or components that maximize code re-use.
  • We also provide consultancy on rollout and planning for production, meeting ITIL guidelines.
  • We can provide an independent service to verify that your web presence is not open to security violations. By conducting these penetration-tests we give you a view on the risks and how they could be exploited by hackers. This allows a measured response to be drawn up that feeds back into your development team.

Software Quality Services - Quality Baselines - Automated Testing - QA advice and dedicate QA team - Penetration Testing

Quality Assurance

And Penetration Checking Service

Quality Assurance

Penetration Testing

QA and Software Testing Service

An independent quality assurance service offered by iNavtas-BI, will mean real results when it comes to the quality of your under-construction software product or project. Such an embedded QA service, throughout the project life cycle, will mean that the final product will match your original specifications and will perform as you had expected. It also allows for a lower ongoing total cost of ownership (TCO) as the product will be more defect-free operationally. This in turn allows for a far better customer experience and gives you the potential opportunity to benefit from outsourcing a stable operational system to a lower cost location. Our QA and testing service covers the following areas

  • Software testing service throughout the project life cycle. We establish a quality baseline and each release is measured against this baseline. Immediate action to remedy quality deviations happens therefore throughout the development process.
  • Automated tests of the functional side of your system. This provides full verification that the system performs it functional role as expected and that the release cycles do not break the functionality of the system
  • Performance testing. By establishing a performance baseline, we can check with each release that the performance KPIs are being met throughout the product development. Too many systems leave performance testing as an after-thought when performance has become an issue already.
  • Security testing. We can establish a security baseline that means that from the outset, your product is developed in such a way that the risk of intrusion is greatly minimized. This is achievable by establishing best-practice guidelines (and subsequent automated checks) that the code meets the highest security standards. We can then run large scale or targetted simulated attacks on the system to ensure that the system can cope as expected in the security baseline.

Advanced Software Calculation Engines - Trading Engines - Pricing Engines - Light Weight Mobile Calculators

Mathematical Financial Modelling & Reporting

Innovation Cost Minimisation

  • →Core financial Calculation Engines
  • →Trading Engines / Robots
  • →Light weight mobile calculators
Calculation Engines

Mobile Calculators

Mathematical Financial Modelling & Reporting

iNavtas-BI has extensive experience of complex financial modelling within a trading room environment and within Treasury/Risk management. We have the ability to have a peer relationship with financial analysts and to model complex scenarios within bespoke excel applications or full back office environments.

IT-Programme-Management - Strategic IT Management - Creative Innovation - Competency Centre Setup

IT Programme Management

And Compentence Center Setup

  • →Strategic Management
  • →Creative Innovation
IT Programme Management

Strategic Management

IT Programme Management / IT Competency Centre Setup

iNavtas-BI has extensive experience of running large business transformation and IT programmes within a corporate structure. This applies in particular to global programmes involving disperse business teams and global IT professionals and external partners. We have extensive management experience of setting up competency centres of excellence and dealing with government departments that assist in this vision. We therefore know and empathise with client concerns in the challenge of programme/competency centre management.

24 Hour Global Production Support - Dedicated Remote Development Teams

Global Production Support

Dedicated Remote Development Team

Global Support

Dedicated Teams

Global Production Support / Managed Application Services

iNavtas-BI has extensive experience of running operational systems 24*7. We can therefore offer a support and maintenance outsourcing service allowing you to reduce operational costs and minimize or optimize your staff requirements.

  • We have the know-how to take on full production support of client systems with our production take-on methodology. We can provide 2nd and 3rd line support behind your existing helpdesk infrastructure.
  • We can run these systems to agreed KPIs in terms of response times, incident support, defect resolution times and in close co-operation with your internal IT department.
  • With our geographical spread we can provide global support.
  • As part of the support process, we can provide an adaptive maintenance service (backed by our QA testing service) to ensure that your system's 'lights-on' is proactively managed.
Data Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Big Data Services

Business Intelligence & Big Data

Turn data into meaningful management information

Business Intelligence

Big Data Strategy

Data Intelligence, Business Intelligence & Big Data

iNavtas-BI has considerable management experience running BI departments in large corporate organisations globally. BI is all about deploying collaborative technologies to enable people to analyse and get business insights from their corporate data. So turning data into meaningful management information to make the difference in management decision making is the core reason for a BI department. Having worked in large global organisations in senior BI roles, we understand the huge challenges that a BI department faces. Unless a BI strategy is worked out in advance, the organic growth of BI sub-departments can get out of control rapidly leading to data quality issues, incorrect information and a huge loss of confidence in BI at the business level. iNavtas-BI can help you to avoid these pitfalls.

  • CIO Executive level engagement – BI and business strategy
  • BI strategy and technical architecture
  • BI system review, maturity assessment and roadmapping
  • BI competency centre set-up
  • BI system design, programme and project management and implementation
  • Mobile BI strategy
  • Data management for BI systems
  • Mergers and acquisitions – merging and integration of multiple BI systems
  • Operational BI – strategy, design and implementation
  • Enterprise data governance strategy
  • Data governance organisational structure, processes and policies
  • Enterprise data governance implementation – methodology & project management
  • Enterprise metadata management strategy
  • Information Lifecycle Management Strategy & Implementation
  • Master data management (MDM) strategy & methodology
  • MDM review, maturity assessment & roadmapping

With a huge new emphasis on Big Data, iNavtas-BI can help you define a Big Data strategy and are experienced in the deployment of Big Data solutions such as Hadoop. In particular we can offer the following set of services specific to Big Data.

  • Defining a strategy for Big Data
  • Big Data technology selection – Analytical DBMS / Hadoop / NoSQL
  • Integration of Big Data with your existing DW/BI infrastructure
  • Data Management for a Big Data environment
  • Big Data Analytics tools